Save time, optimize your budget and create lasting impressions that influence decisions

Conduct trade shows, product launches, job fairs and any event in a customized, branded environment. 

Streamline content delivery, lower production costs and maintain a continuous, engaging presence. Train, promote brand awareness, expand market reach and accelerate sales.

The Leader in Virtual Environment Solutions makes it easy to create branded and interactive environments.

  • Industry leaders like Genentech, Intuit, Novartis, IBM, and KPMG leverage InterCall’s platform for lead generation, customer engagement, training, recruiting and more.

Online Communities

Councils & Roundtables

User Conferences

Trade Shows

Road Shows

Product Launches

Corporate Universities

Training Programs

Sales/Marketing Kick-Offs

Job Fairs

Company Showcases

Road Shows

West’s Engagement Index and Smart Reports measure behavior, not just attendance. Metrics are presented in a centralized dashboard and detailed reports. The dedicated Microsite Analytics report tracks numbers of hits to your registration pages, registrants and attendees. 

Seamlessly import attendee data into CRM and LMS systems including Eloqua™, Marketo® and Sum Total™, where it becomes actionable. 

During live events, track attendee attention with automated or manual prompts.

Our virtual event specialists are available to design and manage your event. You can tailor your Virtual Environment with customizable design templates and a built-in management console. 

13 support centers across 4 continents

Attendee interface available in 17 languages

Use the library of templates or design a unique experience

Secure rehearsal links accessible only to speakers and organizers

Attendees can join via any iOS or Android device. Content is automatically optimized for each device with no special formatting required.

Recognized for excellence in technology and service. 

Award of Excellence: Virtual Event – Business Marketing Association

Best Advance in Technology, Virtual Classroom – Brandon Hall

Easy to Use and Learn

Your virtual platform is an extension of your brand and it must be a great experience for prospects and customers. While other virtual tools can be complex and require a considerable learning curve, the InterCall interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Our platform does not require users to switch applications or click through multiple pop-ups.

Better Communication Tool

Your ultimate communication goal is to deliver measurable results. The InterCall platform provides rich registration information, activity data and comprehensive lead ranking. The Engagement Index allows you to act upon the highest quality leads quickly. You can segment and score leads based upon geography, demographics and product interest. All data is delivered through web-based reporting, which makes it easy to access and share information with partners and sponsors.

Customizable Branding

Your virtual presence needs to be creative and distinctive. The interface is fully customizable, allowing you complete control over the look and feel of your virtual experience. While other platforms require substantial investment to create a customized virtual environment, InterCall's service allows you to be up and running in a matter of hours, with point-and-click customization and predefined templates and themes.

Global Reach in Multiple Languages

Your virtual platform must support you wherever you do business. A solution that is available only in English will limit your success. The InterCall platform is the only solution available in 17 languages and allows you to simultaneously reach audiences worldwide. InterCall also provides a global services model, which is crucial for delivering virtual events to an international audience.

A Virtual Marketing Strategy that Meets Your Objectives

Our client solutions are designed with the outcome—not just the event—in mind. Leading enterprise marketing teams are framing their virtual engagement strategy based on the results they expect to accomplish with prospects and customers. The InterCall platform provides you with virtual events that engage your audience during every step of turning prospects into raving fans. 

InterCall has built five solution areas based on the customer lifecycle:






InterCall solutions map to the customer lifecycle in three key ways:

We set, measure and report on specific key performance indicators

We leverage specific InterCall platform features differently to engage attendees

We tailor best practices based on similar, specific client solutions

Broadcast a Vision

Extend and strengthen your relationships with key communities through a riveting virtual experience with keynote capabilities, rich multi-media training and interactive chat.

Our clients are using the InterCall platform to:

Introduce thought leadership to customer segments

Educate developers on emerging platform capabilities

Showcase results to press and analyst communities

Train channel partners on new product and program features

Intuit Quickbooks Strengthens Accountant Community

Intuit had historically worked with its accountant community in a series of face-to-face seminars across the country. The goal was to certify accountants to support Quickbooks customers and to drive product adoption. Intuit had a wealth of information, but it resided in 15 different locations across its website. Accountants had no easy way to ask questions of Intuit and learn from their peers.

The InterCall solution helped Intuit make their community initiative more compelling, cost-effective and convenient for participants.


Build that Pipeline

Generate qualified leads more cost effectively than through any other available marketing vehicle. Create virtual events, conferences, trade shows and seminars where attendees can control their entire learning experience: viewing keynote presentations, chatting with product experts and downloading key information.

Our clients are using the InterCall platform to:

Generate highly qualified leads with detailed demographic and activity information

Tailor content and materials to target new vertical audiences

Augment physical events and campaigns with a virtual component

Reduce costs and travel by migrating from regional seminars to virtual events

Quest Software's Virtual Events Generate Real Leads

Quest Software held two virtual events in the past year for demand generation. More than 1300 people registered for the live one-day event and attended seven different conference sessions including keynotes, product demonstrations and panel sessions. Quest Software calculated a cost per lead of about $23, an amazing accomplishment compared to traditional lead generation vehicles.


Grow Your Share

Orchestrate global launches—using your company and to the marketplace—within a single virtual environment. Encourage new product adoption by offering interactive product demonstrations, chat capabilities with sales engineers and secure downloads of new product collateral.

Our clients are using the InterCall platform to:

Expand their footprint within existing accounts

Launch new products around the world simultaneously

Upsell customers to new levels of service

Introduce upgrades and new version features to improve adoption

CA Launches New Products Globally

In the past, CA's launch of new products was a monumental effort. The company flew sales people to Islandia for training, traveled to 50+ cities for product seminars and rented premium space at trade shows. CA knew there had to be a better, more cost-effective way to launch their products globally.

The company decided to switch to a virtual launch strategy. They first used InterCall to launch the ArcServe and XOSoft products to internal marketing, sales and systems engineering teams to be sure everyone was well trained on the product features and capabilities.

Insight from Loyal Advocates

Exchange ideas and gather candid feedback from your company's most loyal customers by using group chat and powerful attendee polling capabilities. Many of our customers are excited about leveraging our virtual environment to help reduce their companies' carbon footprints.

Our clients are using the InterCall platform to:

Provide their customers a voice for direct feedback

Launch beta versions and structure early product testing

Engage virtual focus groups on new product features

Build communities of referrals and buzz agents

BlueLinx Launches New Sustainability Initiative

BlueLinx used InterCall to launch "PureBlue", a sustainability event. Based on the results—3000 people registered, more than 1500 attending and participants spending, on average, more than 60 minutes in the show—the program is now slated to be an annual event and an ongoing part of the BlueLinx marketing strategy.

The company knew that consolidating information on green products in the building industry had merit, but wanted to test it with key audiences. The two-day PureBlue event featured four conferences, 40 exhibitor booths and a comprehensive resource center. It was the initial test of a broader sustainability program for BlueLinx.

Hang on to Customers

Extend your mindshare and market share with your current customers by combining live or on-demand videos of interactive client panels with best practices discussions in the networking lounge.

Our clients are using the InterCall platform to:

Host user conferences to exchange ideas

Reward loyal customers at summit events

Introduce maintenance and additional services

Gather clients to network and share best practices

Ariba Creates a Virtual User Conference

Ariba has historically produced and participated in successful, live events to promote its global spend management system. The company designed its "Ariba LIVE 2009" to replicate their annual customer conference, hosting a two-day virtual event with over 40 conference sessions and 14 major sponsors. It attracted more than 1600 spend management professionals and exceeded all expectations.

This virtual component with InterCall complemented Ariba's physical world tour. Ariba is now exploring how to weave together more physical shows and their virtual environments in a compelling mix for customers.

To remain competitive in today's world it is necessary to maintain a highly trained workforce. Industry leaders such as ACS, Intuit and the American Payroll Association chose InterCall to deliver training to employees, partners, customers and associates. 


Drastically reduce cost per attendee

Provide easy access to content, subject matter experts and peers

Blend formal and informal learning

Increase productivity by reducing time away from desk

Energize audiences through online engagement


InterCall allows you to completely customize and brand your training environment. Have your audience learn in a conference center, on a university campus or create the look and feel of an exclusive retreat.

Within one virtual training environment you can train on as many topics as you like. Create separate curricula for on-boarding, new products and any other topic you choose.


Deliver your content using webcasts, videos, documents, pictures, slides and other options.

InterCall offers synchronous training complete with live Q&A, allowing trainers to field questions in real time. All training sessions are available on-demand.


Measure participant progress with quizzes, polls and surveys and use comprehensive reports to determine which participants separate themselves from their peers.

By using InterCall's virtual training platform, companies routinely lower their cost from over $2000 to below $100 per attendee. Polls have shown that the quality of training was either maintained or increased by going virtual. Switching to InterCall has saved companies millions of dollars on training alone.

Training virtually extends your reach. Through online engagement anyone with a computer can be trained, which increases the number of skilled people within your organization, association or customer base.

Contact us today to see more examples of virtual training success and get your virtual training demonstration.





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