Reach sales prospects and employees across the country or around the world without the travel and venue expenses. Cisco WebEx® Event Center helps you market your products and services more effectively with real-time online events and webinars.

Key Benefits

  • Share documents, presentations and applications in real time
  • Capture attention with Adobe® Flash®, 3D graphics and streaming video
  • Annotate on-the-fly
  • Record events for later playback
  • Engage your audience with polling and chat

Ways to Use

  • WebEx Event Center for Lead Generation
  • WebEx Event Center for lead generation enables you to generate leads by marketing your products and services using targeted web seminars. With custom registration questions and lead scoring, capture registrant information and assign answer-based lead scores. Make the most of every opportunity to connect with your prospects by providing promo materials at registration and through pre- and post-event communications.
  • WebEx Event Center for Company-Wide Meetings
  • WebEx Event Center for company-wide meetings allows you to conveniently launch a new product or provide training to your geographically dispersed employees. Share documents or demo software. Keep your employees engaged with Q&A, chat and polling. Record your event for those that were unable to attend.
  • WebEx Event Center for Media, Analyst and Press Conferences
  • WebEx Event Center for media, analyst and press conferences lets you get the word out to the masses quickly with high impact. Feature multiple remote speakers from anywhere. Deliver presentations using Flash 3D objects, streaming video and Microsoft® PowerPoint® with animations and transitions. Show preloaded content while attendees wait for your event.

Control your Reservationless-Plus audio conference from within the Cisco Webex Event Center meeting interface. Note: We recommend using Operator Assisted or Direct Event for the audio portion of your event with more than 125 participants.

Reach large audiences through your browser and avoid venue, travel and hotel expenses. Touch more prospects more often and reduce per-lead costs.

Create meeting templates and distribution lists to quickly schedule events and invite attendees.

Get audio and visual alerts so you can respond to attendee needs when in full screen mode.

Present PowerPoint® presentations complete with animations, transitions, Flash, 3D objects and streaming video.

Share documents, demonstrate software and whiteboard ideas in real time.

Bring in speakers from different locations on a single event.

Panelists enter the event separately from attendees and can go to a private “practice room” for last minute rehearsal out of attendees’ view.

Increase interaction with a threaded Q&A feature that pairs questions with responses.

Increase attendance by creating attractive HTML or text emails using our templates.

Send out invitations, confirmations, reminders and follow-up emails automatically.

Post speaker photos and biographies or video.

Simplify scheduling using Outlook® and Lotus Notes™ calendar integration.

Measure event effectiveness and gather feedback for future events

Customize event registration, track answers to qualifying questions, then upload the results to CRM systems for fast sales follow-up.

Identify your highest quality and most cost-effective lead sources.

Record events for reuse and review. Post seminar recordings to pull in more leads.

Welcome attendees who are using Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and Firefox operating systems.

Cisco Webex® Meetings is an easy and convenient way to hold a web meeting. Below are frequently asked questions about how to use and access this web conferencing solution.

EventCentre is developed based on a highly scalable platform. EventCentre can accommodate up to 3000 concurrent attendees in a single webinar for document sharing. When application sharing is used in an event, the recommended event size is 1000 concurrent attendees.

To attend events on Microsoft Windows, you need:

Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2K3 (Windows 2003 Server)

Intel or AMD Processor 400MHZ

128 MB RAM

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla 1.4 or later, Firefox 1.0 or Netscape 7.0

JavaScript and cookies enabled in the browser

56 K or faster Internet connection

When scheduling an event, you can specify the event to be public, private or unlisted.

Public event—appears on the Upcoming Events page and the Recorded Events page, if the event host makes the recording public. On the Upcoming Events page, an Enroll button appears for the event until the host starts the event.

Private event—appears on the Upcoming Events page and the Recorded Events page, if the event host makes the recording public. On the Upcoming Events page, the text Private appears instead of an Enroll button. Once the time is within 15 minutes of the event's scheduled starting time, and the host starts the event, a Join button appears.

Unlisted event—does not appear on the Upcoming Events page. However, it appears on the Recorded Events page if the event host makes the recording public.

When scheduling an event, you can customize any of the email messages that Cisco WebEx Event Center sends to event invitees, enrollees and attendees.

First, on the Schedule an Event page, select the check box for the email messages that you want to send:

Enrollment Pending

Enrollment Approved

Enrollment Rejected


Thank You for Attending

Absentee Follow-up

Next, click the link for the email message to open the Edit Email Message window.

When customizing the content of an email message, you can use several variables, which Cisco WebEx Event Center automatically replaces with information about the event when sending the message. For example, you can use the variable %Topic%, which Cisco WebEx Event Center automatically replaces with the event name specified on the Schedule an Event page. You can also restore an email template by clicking the Restore to Default button.

Please note that invitation emails will not be sent automatically to invited panelists and invitees.

Our complete library of user guides and support materials include details on everything you need to know about EventCentre.

It's easy to get started with Cisco WebEx Event Center. Just sign up for a free online session with one of our training experts. You'll be guided through basic features, applications, tips and hints on how to conduct webinars and web seminars. Whether you are a web conferencing novice or pro, our trainers will give you the information you need to successfully use this event conferencing solution.

All WebEx Event Center downloads can be accessed from your WebEx Event Center home page.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to your Cisco Webex® Meetings home page (e.g.

2. Click on the Support tab on the left side of the page.

3. Select Downloads from the Support tab options.

4. The downloads page contains a list and description for all tools & Cisco Webex® Meetings add-ons. (Please note that participants may only download the Webex Meeting Manager)




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