Deliver rich, interactive training anywhere. Cisco WebEx Training Center can broaden the reach and effectiveness of your corporate training programs.

Key Benefits

  • Scale your training programs to reach more people, more frequently
  • Quiz, poll and test trainees to ensure retention and track productivity
  • Dramatically reduce training delivery costs
  • Share powerful presentations
  • Stream media modules or live video
  • Pass control to attendees to demo applications

Ways to Use

  • WebEx Training Center for Employees - WebEx Training Center for employees gives them the chance to practice and review using in-class breakout sessions or hands-on labs before, during or after class. Measure proficiency with robust testing, grading and polling tools.
  • WebEx Training Center for Partners - WebEx Training Center for partners leverages your investment by creating a digital archive or training sessions for self-paced study on demand.
  • WebEx Training Center for Customers - WebEx Training Center for customers allows you to transform your product/service training program into a strategic revenue center by using Cisco WebEx Online Classroom self-service registration and payment features.

Control your Reservationless-Plus audio conference from within the Cisco Webex Training Center interface.

Leverage existing information by sharing multiple documents and demonstrating how-to-use applications by sharing and annotating on them in real time. Permissions-based remote control lets learners try it themselves.

Optimize existing infrastructure investments and reinforce learning with hands-on activity by connecting remote learners with remote computers, applications and simulations during a live online training session.

Schedule fee-based live sessions and post fee-based recorded sessions. Attendees can pay using a credit card or by using a coupon code that you generate and provide for their use.

Promote active learning by conducting multiple, simultaneous small group, collaborative activities. Trainers can “walk around the room” and see how each group is doing.

Get one-click access to the most commonly used session features such as Presenting a Document, Sharing an Application and Sharing Your Desktop.

Start meetings and effortlessly bring decision makers together with just one click.

Save meeting options and settings in a template for quick access to schedule a meeting. You can save templates within the Quick and Advanced Scheduler to shorten the steps required to schedule your meeting.

Quickly walk through the steps of scheduling a meeting.

Schedule a meeting in a few short steps with the Quick Scheduler. Simply choose from one of your saved meeting templates and indicate additional key meeting details. In situations where you need to edit certain meeting features you can easily access the Advanced Scheduler for additional options.

Engage your learners with PowerPoint® animations and transitions, as well as complex multimedia objects such as Flash, 3D objects and streaming media.

Gain valuable feedback by visually depicting individual responses to trainers’ verbal questions.

Boost interaction with a threaded Q&A feature that identifies learner questions and corresponding responses.

Increase training staff productivity by enabling multiple trainers to collaborate on sessions from different locations.

Allow learners to see you during a live session using a web camera.

Customize your meeting view by opening, closing and resizing PowerPanels™ to track attendee activity, respond to questions and review poll results.

Float your PowerPanels over your content viewer when in full screen view to get access to essential session functions and tools. The tray also allows you to seamlessly switch between sharing modes.

Use the integration with Microsoft® Outlook® to streamline scheduling processes.

Assess comprehension, automatically track an individual’s performance and share correct answers within a session. Leverage web-based testing libraries for comprehensive pre- and post-session training.

Measure session effectiveness and gather feedback for future sessions.

Simplify session registration and easily track attendance.

Record live training sessions for future reference. Recordings can be streamed within a live session or uploaded for learners to play back at their convenience.

TrainingCentre On-Demand is an add-on feature that allows you to create high-quality asynchronous multimedia training presentations. Using common business tools you’re already familiar with, such as PowerPoint and the web, TrainingCentre On-Demand enables you to produce powerful content without needing expert assistance. 

Repurpose Cisco WebEx recorded sessions (.wrf) into on-demand presentations for Windows Media®playback on a viewer-friendly interface.

Incorporate tests in recorded sessions or in on-demand presentations

Track when and how long learners watch recorded sessions or on-demand presentations.

Attach relevant documents and course materials to recorded sessions or on-demand presentations.

Rapidly search and access training content within recorded sessions and on-demand presentations.

Seamless integration and workflow between live and on-demand solutions.

TrainingCentre includes all the features in MeetingCentre Pro, as well as the following additional features:

Training delivery

Live and recorded sessions

Playback of recorded sessions in a live training session

Automatic slide advancing for presentations

In-session participation

Enhanced polling, testing and grading

Pre- and post-session testing

Multiple trainers or panelists

Breakout sessions

Hands-on lab

Instant feedback

Paired or threaded Q&A sessions

Training content authoring

Web-based testing authoring tool

Polling editor

Real-time testing and polling

Enhanced WebEx recording editor

Registration and reporting

Fee-based live and recorded sessions using ecommerce

Sortable lists of live and recorded training sessions

Publishing of recorded training sessions on a TrainingCentre web site

Customizable, advanced registration system for live and recorded training sessions

Advanced scheduling with recurring session support

Detailed reports for live and recorded training sessions

Standards compliance

Support for WebEx Recorded Files (.wrf) playback in Windows Media Player

SCORM (Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model) APIs

Minimum requirements include:

Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP or 2003

Intel or AMD (400MHZ +) or compatible processor

128 MB RAM

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla 1.4 and above, Netscape 7.x or Firefox 1.0 and above

JavaScript and cookies enabled in the browser

Active X enabled/unblocked for IE is recommended

56 K or faster Internet connection

A localized version of Windows is required to host or attend fully interactive meetings on Asian versions of TrainingCentre (Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese).

Yes. TrainingCentre supports French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Enhanced Recorded Sessions option using TrainingCentre On-Demand integration is English only.

Performance depends on both the Internet itself and the WebEx service. We constantly monitor service and network performance, and continually enhance its infrastructure to keep web conference services highly available and reliable.

Some of the factors that affect performance are:

the speed of your computer's connection to the Internet.

the performance of your Internet service provider.

overall Internet traffic on your routed connection to the WebEx server.

performance of firewall and proxy servers, if your computer is behind a company firewall.

The Trace Route utility on your computer can help you to determine where problems are occurring between your computer and the WebEx server. On Windows, open a DOS prompt or a Command prompt window, then type:

tracert your_site_URL

where your_site_URL is the address for your meeting service Web site. Ensure that you include a space after tracert

When running Trace Route, your computer sends packets of information across your connection to measure the amount of time it takes  for the packets to reach the meeting server. Ideally, packets should take between 1-60 ms to reach the server. If packets take between 60-100 ms to reach the server, your connection is slow and may be noticeable in a WebEx meeting. Times longer than 100 ms are likely to seem unacceptably slow. If you continue to experience poor performance, consult your network administrator.

Document Sharing uses a print driver (the WebEx Document Loader) to create an image of your document, which is then presented for review and markup in the Training Manager content viewer. This image is much like a printed document or fax—it can not be edited. This image requires relatively little bandwidth and thus works well at slower connection speeds.

Application Sharing sends images of the application in real-time allowing you to edit documents as well as show all of an application's features, such as menus and tools. This type of sharing is much more powerful and requires more bandwidth.

You can share virtually any document or application. Applications with streaming content may not work well because such content is not streaming directly from the source to attendees. If you want to share a web page with streaming content you can use web content sharing, which opens a browser window on each attendee's computer and streams the content directly from its source.

No. Only the presenter in the training session must have the file or application on their computer. Other attendees in the session do not need to have the file or application on their computers. If you have attendees on a slow bandwidth connection, you may also encourage those attendees to cache course material prior to the session. You can make this material available as course material in UCF format when scheduling the session.

In Document Sharing, you can annotate documents but not edit them because the content is an image much like a PDF document or fax. However, you can use Application Sharing to edit documents as you share them in a training session and save the final version in the native application format. Application Sharing lets all the attendees see the changes that you make or edit the document themselves if you grant them remote control.

Yes. You can share as many documents or presentations as you like in the content viewer. Each document or presentation that you open appears on its own tab in the content viewer. Because Training Manager automatically labels each tab with the title or name of the document or presentation, you can quickly locate the document or presentation that you want to share with attendees.

Yes. To save any document or presentation in a file on your computer, choose Save on the File menu. To view the saved file offline simply double-click it. The document or presentation appears in the WebEx Document Viewer, which is part of Training Manager.

Yes. The screen capture tool in the Floating Icon Tray allows you to do just that. You can also record your training session. A recording captures all annotations and other actions that you make during application or desktop sharing.

Yes. If you share a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, attendees can see animations and slide transitions in their content viewers. Alternatively, you can show animation and slide transitions by using Application Sharing to share your slide-authoring application.

Attendees may see degradation in the quality of some images as the WebEx compression algorithm automatically compensates for slow connections. This degradation is particularly noticeable on slow connections during web browser sharing.

In a TrainingCentre session, all of the attendees' views automatically display the training session content, even if they have different display resolutions. No matter which resolution attendees' monitors are set to, attendees' views automatically follow your mouse pointer. Thus, you should always keep the mouse pointer near the content under discussion. For best results, you should set your monitor to 800 x 600 pixels because this resolution is the most common. To change your monitor's display resolution for Windows, use the Settings tab in the Display Control Panel.

The crosshatched pattern is the shadow of a dialog box or window that is in front of the shared application on your screen. Once you close this dialog box or window, the pattern no longer appears.

To prevent uninvited attendees from joining your session:

Specify a password for your training session. Your training service automatically includes the password for your training session in an invitation email message to each invited attendee.

Schedule an unlisted training session. On the Schedule Training Session page you can selectUnlisted to prevent your training session from appearing in the list of sessions or on the training session calendar. Only attendees who have the meeting number can join the session.

Restrict access to your training session. Once all invited attendees have joined the training session you can choose Restrict Access on the Session menu to prevent others from joining the training session.

Expel any uninvited attendee from your training session. To expel uninvited guests, choose Expelon the Participant menu.

In email notifications, training session times automatically appear in your time zone. You can change your time zone on the Preferences page. Although your training service cannot determine each attendee's time zone and adjust it automatically for each email notification, attendees can easily view training session times in their time zones on your training service web site by selecting a different time zone on the Preferences page.

Our complete library of user guides and support materials include details on everything you need to know about TrainingCentre.

It's easy to get started with Cisco WebEx Training Center. Just sign up for a free online session with one of our training experts. You'll be guided through basic features, applications, tips and hints on how to conduct webinars and web seminars. Whether you are a web conferencing novice or pro, our trainers will give you the information you need to successfully use this event conferencing solution.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to your Cisco Webex® Meetings home page (e.g.

2. Click on the Support tab on the left side of the page.

3. Select Downloads from the Support tab options.

4. The downloads page contains a list and description for all tools & Cisco Webex® Meetings add-ons. (Please note that participants may only download the Webex Meeting Manager)




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