Make a reservation for your call and conduct it without the assistance of an operator. By dialing your permanent toll-free number and entering your passcode you and your participants are immediately placed into the conference call.

Ways to Use

  • Automated conferencing is a flexible audio conferencing solution that is ideal for:
  • Hosting weekly status reports
  • Following up after live meetings
  • Conducting committee meetings
  • Announcing department updates
  • Introducing new products
  • Hosting sales presentations

Features and Benefits

  • Automated conferencing is a fast and dependable service that will keep you linked to your colleagues, partners and customers.
  • Easy-to-use audio conferencing with the security of a reservation.
  • Make your reservations with an InterCall operator or online up to 15 minutes before your call's start time.
  • Conduct your reserved Automated conferences without the assistance of an operator and no time limits.
  • Request operator assistance with the touch of a button on your telephone keypad.

You can use Automated conferencing when you want the security of a reservation, but do not require an operator to conduct your call. You can use Automated conferencing for weekly meetings to communicate with teams and committees, provide status reports and deliver sales presentations.

To schedule an Automated conference call you have the two following options:

Log in to

Contact Customer Service

You can make a reservation up to 5 minutes before the start time of your call.

To start an Automated conference:

1. At the specified time, dial your Automated dial-in number.

2. Enter your passcode followed by #.

Participants join your conference by doing the following:

1. At the specified time, dial the Automated dial-in number.

2. Enter the passcode followed by #.

When making a reservation, you can request a toll-free number for participants or a toll number for local and/or international participants.

No, dial-out is not supported with Automated conferencing.

Once dialed into your conference, simply use your telephone keypad to access these commands:

*0-Operator assistance for the conference

*6-Mute/unmute your own line

*7-Lock/unlock conference

Note: The above commands are for both the leader and participants. Automated conferencing does not differentiate between leader and participant lines.

Yes, Project Accounting Codes (PAC Codes) are available with Automated conferencing. A separate PAC Code may be used for each conference call. You can specify the PAC Code when scheduling your reservation. The PAC Code will then be processed and all calls made with that code will be itemized on your invoice.

Helpful documents to get started with Automated Conferencing.




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