Transform the Way Employees Work, Learn & Collaborate.Launch your own internal secure video portal for training, knowledge sharing and corporate communications, to deliver greater productivity and cost savings.

Store & Share Corporate Videos

  • InterCall CorporateTube is an internal video bridge portal which provides the means for employee collaboration and knowledge sharing, while maintaining powerful governance capabilities including open and restricted video channels with granular control over membership and approval flows. Our video bridge and online storage solution empowers employees to share knowledge and learn from each other in a collaborative environment while also increasing the level of organisational knowledge and improving employee productivity. CorporateTube also facilitates remote learning, training and collaboration - hence achieving cost savings and efficiency. Any user can search, browse, and watch videos as well as upload, record, capture and share content.

Key Features

  • A true enterprise-wide video collaboration platform that empowers employees to create and share video content for many-to-many and one-to-many interactions
  • Centralised solution for all live and on-demand video needs across the organisation
  • Powerful security and governance — reduced overhead and peace of mind for IT, legal and business owners
  • System flexibility for ease of integration and customisation with other 3rd party enterprise applications
  • In depth video analytics, including user-level reports
  • Flexible deployment options: SaaS (on the cloud), On-Prem (behind your firewall), or hybrid

Knowledge Sharing

Enhance employee productivity, communication and knowledge sharing within decentralised teams by providing employees with live webcasts capabilities, video creation and authoring tools (e.g. screen capture, webcam recording, editing, etc.) as well as social sharing and commenting options.


Train more people in less time. With interactive live webcasts and 24/365 access to on-demand training content, train employees faster in remote locations, with less expense and better learning results. Empower employees to create and share knowledge to increase the quantity and quality of shared information across the organisation.

IT & Legal

Support both open and restricted channels as well as moderated and un-moderated authoring and upload options (approval workflows).

Customer/ Employee Support

Use instructional videos that are more effective than personal assistance via phone in providing how-to guidance, and thus significantly reduce the number and length of support calls related to recurring issues. Video can also be used to quickly train support personnel.

Corporate Communications

Create official live and on-demand video channels to engage more employees in real time as well as after an event.

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